Alinghi as a competitive sailing team was created in 1994 by Ernesto Bertarelli. In 2000, the team set itself the goal of winning the America's Cup, which it did twice, in 2003 and 2007, meaning it was the first European team to win the historic prize. The team has many other successes to its name, both from before and after it's America's Cup campaigns, including seven Bol d'Or victories, eight D35 trophies, four Extreme Sailing Series championships, one GC32 Racing Tour championship and a GC32 World champion title.


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Given the current health situation, the GC32 and TF35 regattas scheduled for 2020 have been cancelled. The team is therefore focused on the development of the new TF35 foiler, and looks forward to being able to race again in 2021.

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The Alinghi team prides itself on being made up of top class sailors – meet them here.


A tale of two – but not quite just that…!

7 June, 2021

We could have summed up Alinghi's last three days in a short sentence: two events in one weekend, two second places. But such a review would be incomplete without detailing the very first long classic race involving the TF35s (and won by a TF35) and the wild scenes produced shortly after the start of the Genève-Rolle-Genève. It would also be remiss not to mention the remarkable performance of Arnaud Psarofaghis, who took part as interim skipper of the New Zealand team engaged on the international SailGP circuit. After only a few hours of getting to grips with the 50-foot foiler, our co-skipper made a promising start in Italy and led their team to the gates of the final. But first, let's come back to Switzerland with Yves Detrey for the 3rd grand prix of the season, run over two days because of the Genève-Rolle on Saturday: "After taking the advantage in the five races on Friday, we are a little disappointed with our performance this Sunday. The wind was not as forecast and only allowed for two races, where we keep making mistakes. "Finishing 2nd in a grand prix is not the result we are aiming for, but day after day the general level of the fleet is rising. There are very good sailors on board each boat, who know how to take advantage of sailing alongside Realteam and us, who had a small lead. One thing is certain: it will be tough until the end of the season." Realteam wins this stage, Zoulou takes 3rd place. Florian Trüb: "It's great to be on board the TF35 in competition. We did our best in this new configuration without Arnaud. The conditions were not easy, especially on Saturday during the long race with small clouds of rain randomly bringing wind from the right and left. Anyway, it's good to be back on a foiler!" He continues about the "cold sweats" episode: "Just after the start of the Genève-Rolle, we suffered a big gust that surprised us with its strength. At that precise moment, there were four of us in the middle of the boat to furl the gennaker. We quickly climbed the nets to counterbalance! It was hot and we narrowly avoided capsizing the boat." Photo and video report on our social networks... Bryan Mettraux continues, talking about the key moments in this 56th Genève-Rolle-Genève: "We waited quite a bit for the expected wind, especially on the outward journey. There wasn't much of a gap at the beginning. With the wind coming in from behind, the TF35, D35 and M2 were fairly aligned. "We rounded Rolle's mark in 2nd position, 20 seconds behind Realteam. At the end of Rolle, we sailed really well and we took the lead. Then it became impossible for us to control all our competitors, and the width of the lake gives the teams many options! Ylliam and Zoulou (even though Zoulou were last at the Rolle mark) passed us by. We regained ground over the last two miles and we managed to gain a place to finish 2nd. Obviously, we would have preferred to win, but we are happy with this result and the way the boat behaved against the D35 in light winds." Zoulou, led by Erik Maris, signs for a nice victory, Spindrift completes the podium, while Realteam, our direct competitor, finished 6th. Note that the rankings of the two major races (Genève-Rolle and the Bol d'Or) will be added together to count as a single race. The result at the Bol d'Or will act as a decider in the event of a tie. We will therefore have to wait another week for the announcement of the provisional general classification for the first part of the season. See you at 10am on Saturday June 12 for the start of the 82nd Bol d'or Mirabaud! Podium for the Grand Prix de Mies after seven races (the worst score being removed from four races validated): 1st - Realteam: 11 points 2nd - Alinghi: 14 points 3rd - Zoulou: 17 points Click here for all the rankings Podium for the Genève-Rolle-Genève 1st - Zoulou: 3:27:33 2nd - Alinghi: 3:29:51 3rd - Spindrift: 3:30:47 Click here for the ranking including all boats To find out more tf35.org  //  ycg.ch/grg To learn more about the race monitoring system, the team composition and the TF35 Trophy in general, a summary of the event is here. #GoAlinghiGo  //  #TF35Trophy  //  #GRG21 Credit for photos © Loris von Siebenthal, JeanMiPhotographies and Seb Aubord

2nd spot in the second TF35 Grand Prix

17 May, 2021

Nils Frei: "These seven races of the season's second TF35 Grand Prix were interesting because provide a balance to those run two weeks ago. We had more wind, more situations where the boats were close, "hot" decisions that had to be made. Sometimes everything went well, but we also made mistakes that we need to analyse for the future. We are a little disappointed with some errors that could have been avoided, but this is only the second time that we have all come together in competition and the other teams are pushing hard." Nicolas Charbonnier: "In these conditions, with wind above 15 knots and most races foiling in the air from start to finish, the whole fleet still has a lot to learn, even if some are already doing manoeuvres without putting their hulls in the water. Our second place can be explained by a few mistakes here and there, but also by the fact that Realteam sailed well. They deserve this victory and we will continue to work!" Bryan Mettraux: "We continued to learn more during this rather windy weekend. We had difficulty sometimes finding stability downwind, but we will work on this point in training. "In just under three weeks, we'll be running two events in three days: a Grand Prix interspersed with the Genève-Rolle-Genève on Saturday. But in terms of approach, we will separate these two events because the modes of sailing will be very different. On a long-distance race, you have to succeed in making the boat go quickly on a given heading, and depending on the weather and the angle to the wind, choose to make it foil or keep it in the water, for example. In any case, we are delighted to enter our TF35 in this first Lake Geneva classic." The team would like to thank the Société Nautique de Nyon and its volunteers, in collaboration with the TF35 class and the authorities, for making this event possible, while respecting public health rules. Join the seven TF35 Trophy teams from June 4 to 6 for the Grand Prix de Mies (Friday and Sunday) and the Genève-Rolle-Genève (Saturday). Classification of the Grand Prix de Nyon after seven races (the worst score being removed after four races validated): 1st - Realteam: 8 points 2nd - Alinghi: 10 points 3rd - Spindrift: 17 points Click here for the full results. Click here to watch the races in 2D thanks to the GPS tracker placed on board each boat. To find out more tf35.org To learn more about the race monitoring system, the team composition and the TF35 Trophy in general, a summary of the event is here. #GoAlinghiGo  //  #TF35Trophy Credit for photos © Loris von Siebenthal

Opening victory in the TF35 Trophy

3 May, 2021

In lining up at the start of a Grand Prix that provides for up to five races a day, you don't know exactly when the regatta will end, because wind is a key component of the equation. Despite a fleet hungry and raring to go after the long period without racing, the weather didn't play ball, allowing for three races in three days, launched on Saturday off Nyon. By finishing second once, and twice first, Alinghi had the advantage at the halfway stage. And due to a lack of wind on the last day, the scores remained the same at the end, with Alinghi winning by one point ahead of Realteam, with Spindrift completing the podium. Of course, all the members of the team are delighted with the victory in the opening of the very first championship of the TF35 class. Above all, everyone agrees that it arrived as the result of the hard work put in since the TF35 SUI 100 was launched in June 2020. Bryan Mettraux: "The conditions were difficult for all the crews with this unstable wind meaning foiling and being able to fly the boat was tricky. But that's also what makes the sport interesting. Upwind for example, you have to manage the transitions between a "flying" mode under a gennaker (the biggest headsail) and a "foiling" mode under a jib (smaller headsail), the angles change, the speeds too...It's very technical and we still have a lot to learn in these phases. " Yves Detrey: "It's important to win, because that's our goal after all! We would have been disappointed to finish second or third because we have worked hard over the past few months to get there." Arnaud Psarofaghis: "It's always good to win the first regatta of a brand new championship. Unfortunately, we all had to wait a long time for this, but we were able to be impactful when needed." Nils Frei: "Every minute spent aboard this new foiler is beneficial to us because we continue to learn. This is even more the case when the conditions are difficult, and they were!" The team would like to thank the Société Nautique de Nyon and its volunteers, in collaboration with the TF35 class and the authorities, for having all worked, in compliance with health rules, to return to competition after a 17 month hiatus. Find the seven TF35 Trophy teams again in the waters off Nyon from May 14 to 16 for the second Grand Prix of the season. Classification of the opening Grand Prix of the Société Nautique de Nyon after three races: 1st - Alinghi: 4 points 2nd - Realteam: 5 points 3rd - Spindrift: 9 points Click here for the full results. Click here to watch the races in 2D thanks to the GPS tracker placed on board each boat. To find out more tf35.org To learn more about the race monitoring system, the team composition and the TF35 Trophy in general, a summary of the event is here. #GoAlinghiGo  //  #TF35Trophy Credit for photos © Loris von Siebenthal

2021 – The first all-foiling season

26 April, 2021

With the usual "high-performance team + regatta + multihull + one-design" components, Alinghi will be in "flight" mode on the two circuits chosen for the 2021 season. Since 2015, this was already the case on the GC32, but now that the Décision 35 has been replaced by the T Foiler 35, our boats' hulls should barely touch the water! The TF35 hits the piste The recent development in public health guidelines should now allow for the seven TF35s to officially start the very first championship of this new class of foilers. From Friday 30 April to Sunday 2 May, up to five races per day can be launched in the waters off Nyon for the first event. Also on the programme this year are four other grand prix, two of which will be in Italy in the autumn and two Lake Geneva classics in June. No gatherings of more than 15 people will be allowed this weekend, but nevertheless there is still the possibility of watching these flying machines from the shore. And if you do have a boat, please do keep in mind that the TF35s regularly change course to maintain foiling in shifty air. As for the team, after many days spent training and continuing to gain knowledge of their TF35, Alinghi switched to race mode with an emphasis on the preparation of the start phases and the rounding of the marks. Nils Frei, trimmer: Is the team ready to race? "To be honest, we don't 100% know yet, because in the 30 years we've been racing we've never had a year-long competitive break! "But we got together for days, or rather weeks of training and I don't think we forgot everything. With the lack of competition, we will be a little rusty in the phases that are difficult to simulate in training, such as the starts with several boats, contact phases, communication on board compared to our competitors. But I think the automatic way in which we know these things inherently will come back quickly." Nicolas Charbonnier, tactician: "We are aiming for the top of the table on this new circuit, but the TF35 remains a foiler to be tamed, and we will face new, very competitive teams. One of our strengths will be the stability of our team, reinforced by the arrival of a young Swiss sailor, Florian Trüb, who takes his role as replacement sailor very seriously and helps Yves with the electronics and analysis of performance. Obviously we will also seek to win our 8th Bol d'Or, if the public health rules allow it to be held." A revamped 2021 GC32 Racing Tour In 2021, Alinghi has also set itself the goal of defending the titles it won in 2019 at the annual GC32 Championship and at the series World Championship. The health situation at the start of the year forced the organisers of the GC32 Racing Tour to postpone the start of the races until the end of June in Portugal, with the conclusion scheduled for November in Spain. The World Championship should, under the current plan, be held in mid-September in the south of Sardinia. After a blank sporting season in 2020, the whole team is delighted with the prospect of regaining acquaintance with the adrenaline of competition, with, of course, the strictest respect to prevailing public health guidance. For the practical info about the TF35 season, click here. For the provisional 2021 programme, click here. A tracking system will be onboard each TF35 and you can follow all the races live or in replay on the Tractrac website, the TF35 Trophy website, or via these free apps (click here for an Iphone, or here for an Android). #GoAlinghiGo tf35.org gc32racingtour.com  Credit for Photos © Loris von Siebenthal