The D35 was developed as a response to the ever-increasing costs and extremism in multihull sailing on Lake Geneva. A group of owners, including Ernesto Bertarelli, got together with designer Sebastien Schmidt to bring to life a fast, high-tech, but affordable one-design catamaran. In 2004, the first eight boats were launched, since which the class has gone up to twelve boats built.


When the first D35s were launched in 2004, an annual circuit was created. The Julius Baer Challenge combined the classic Lake Geneva regattas – including the Bol d’Or – with several Grand Prix events exclusive to the D35 class. 

Then called the Vulcain Trophy until 2014, the championship is from 2015 known as the D35 Trophy. As well as the Bol d’Or – the classic end-to-end race on Lake Geneva – it includes the famous Genève-Rolle-Genève, and five to six Grands Prix. With points awarded for each event, competition for first place on the championship podium is often fierce.

Alinghi is proud to have won seven D35 titles, continuing a proud tradition of Lake Geneva sailing.

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The design of the D35 is an evolution of Sebastien Schmidt’s previous work, the 40ft Alinghi catamaran Le Black, with a central pod used to tie the structure together and withstand the stresses from the platform and rig. The structure is light, which – when coupled with a wing mast that can be rotated up to 45 degrees and a maximum of 230m² sailplan – means that the boat can hit top speeds of some 27 knots.

  • Construction: Decision SA
  • Length (Overall): 14.95m
  • Length (Hull): 10.81m
  • Width (Overall): 8.74m
  • Width (Hull): 6.89m
  • Dry Weight: 1,200kg
  • Main Sail Area: 81.6m²
  • Solent Area: 40.7m²
  • Drifter Area: 80m²
  • Gennaker Area: 150m²
  • Top Speed: 27 knots
  • Crew: mini 5 - maxi 7, 470kg (maximum) 

D35 News

D35 Trophy: Second round, second success

20 May, 2019

Challenged by Eleven Sailing Team and Ylliam-Comptoir Immobilier in the first three races, Alinghi finished second three times in the runs that were started on Friday. Saturday's day began with a disappointment in a race in which the team crossed the finishing line in 6th position after a few wind shifts. The crew pulled together, however, and took the lead in the 5th and 6th races. Then, though, the wind vanished, ending the second day, and would not reappear on Sunday until right up close to the deadline for starting racing. This brought down the curtain on the Realstone Grand Prix, second stage of the D35 Trophy organized by Société Nautique de Nyon, with Alinghi winning ahead of Ylliam-Comptoir Immobilier and Eleven Sailing Team. The next stage of the championship will be fought in a different style of racing. The seven D35s will join other classes of boats for the first of two Geneva classics, the Genève-Rolle-Genève, which will take place on the 8th of June. By then, the team will already have completed the next event in its calendar: from May 23rd to the 26th in Villasimius, South Sardinia, takes place the opening Act of the GC32 Racing Tour. Grand Prix Realstone de Nyon, ranking after six races (the worst score being withdrawn): 1st - Alinghi: 8 points 2nd - Ylliam-Comptoir Immobilier: 11 points 3rd - Eleven Sailing Team: 14 points Click here for all the results. To find out more #GoAlinghiGo #D35Trophy To find out more about how to follow the racing, the team composition and the circuit in general, find the event recap by clicking here. Photo credits ©Loris Von Siebenthal

D35 Trophy opener: Alinghi returns to victory

6 May, 2019

Nothing like a win to start the season just right. After nine rounds sailed in a rather strong wind (La Bise so strong that it grounded the crews on Sunday), Alinghi, Zen Too and Ylliam-Comptoir Immobilier took the spots on the podium of this opening Grand Prix organised by the Société Nautique de Genève. Yves Detrey, Bowman: "The team has had a good recovery period and our good form in training has been confirmed in these regattas. "In order not to repeat the mistakes of the end of last season, we worked on the fundamentals and found a certain calmness on board. We did things simply, though as a team we still have to find some things to click to operate as one given the arrival of Bryan on board. "But we are on the up and will do everything to make it last!" Two incidents, almost unnoticed, but what happened? "One was due to a composite piece that was starting to get tired. The boats are old now. We've been racing for quite a few years and it was a weekend with strong wind. Suddenly we lost two sets of mainsail and jib settings. It was necessary to find a solution during the race, to finish it, which is what we managed to do. Then to find a more secure fix in the break between two heats. "The next day, a block broke under stress. There was no apparent or obvious wear and so it is difficult to predict. But it's part of the game. Fortunately we managed to tinker again during the round, without losing too much ground." The seven teams in the 16th D35 Trophy will next be lining-up on the Nyon-side of the Lake from 17 to 19 May for the Realstone Grand Prix. Ranking of the opening SNG Grand Prix after nine races (the worst score being withdrawn): 1st - Alinghi: 14 points 2nd - Zen Too: 24 points 3rd - Ylliam-Comptoir Immobilier: 25 points Click here for all the results. To find out more #GoAlinghiGo #D35Trophy To find out more about how to follow the racing, the team composition and the circuit in general, find the event recap by clicking here. Photo credits ©Loris Von Siebenthal

Evolution and continuity in the 2019 season

27 April, 2019

25 years after its first multi-hull took to the lake, Alinghi is launching its 2019 sporting season on Lake Geneva. Meet us at the Société Nautique de Genève from May 3rd to May 5th for the first of the seven events of the final D35 Trophy, in which seven teams will take part. Pierre-Yves Jorand, Team director : "The D35 fleet has reduced in size for this last championship, but to see the diligence of the boats in pre-season training, I think that the battle on the water will be intense and that each race will be hard-fought. Nothing more is needed to motivate the team less than a week from our first race!"   It is the final D35 Trophy because, after 16 years of good and loyal service, the Décision 35 will, at the end of the season, pass the torch to the brand new TF35. This 35-foot catamaran equipped with "T" foils (hence its name) will become, from 2020, the backbone of the one-design championship that has run from 2004 to 2019 with the D35. Before this transition, the teams will, together, be focused upon testing, developing and debugging the very first TF35, which is currently under construction and which should pull its first edges on Lake Geneva this summer. This is how Alinghi will use its free time between each event in 2019, participating actively in the development of this new racing machine. Ernesto Bertarelli, helmsman and skipper: "We are nine shareholders associated in the creation of the TF35 and each brings their own skills to the development of the boat and to the launch of the class. Our team has been contributing to this project since the start. The emphasis this time is on the development of the flight assistance system that will make the boat more accessible to teams with fewer hours of navigation in three dimensions." Thus, the season comprises the D35, the development of the TF35, but also the GC32 programme, with five events on the GC32 Racing Tour, including the World Championship series at the end of June in Lagos (Portugal). Arnaud Psarofaghis, co-helm and co-skipper: "This year, we are joining the circuit on which we made our foiling debut in 2015. We are familiar with the boat, but we will have to adapt quickly to new race areas, longer race formats that in the Extreme Sailing Series, as well as to our competitors. The first time we will line-up against them will be at the end of May in Villasimius (Sardinia)." The boats have been prepared with care, the circuits are defined, the objectives of victory are laid. The team is the only missing piece of the jigsaw... After a number of successful appearances in recent years, Bryan Mettraux officially joins the core, permanent team, an appointment that meets the requirements of a packed annual calendar, the specifications of foil racing and, as ever, the team's commitment to young Swiss sailing talents. With two titles to defend this year in D35 and GC32 and the ambition to go get a World Title in the GC32... Lights! Camera! Action! The team is ready to 'roll' around the buoys. ABOUT The Team Sailors Ernesto Bertarelli (SUI) - Helmsman and skipper - D35 & GC32 Arnaud Psarofaghis (SUI) - Co-helm and co-skipper (GC32) and mainsail trimmer (D35) Nicolas Charbonnier (FRA) - Tactician - D35 & GC32 Bryan Mettraux (SUI) - Headsail trimmer - D35 & GC32 Timothé Lapauw (FRA) - Floater and foil trimmer - GC32 Coraline Jonet (FRA) - Floater - D35 Yves Detrey (SUI) - Bowman - D35 & GC32 Nils Frei (SUI) - Coach and spare crew - D35 & GC32 Technical team João Cabeçadas (POR) David Nikles (SUI) Claudy Dewarrat (SUI) Team director Pierre-Yves Jorand (SUI) Club Société nautique de Genève 2019 sporting calendar Find the dates for each event by clicking here. To find out more / / 16th D35 Trophy useful infos GC32 Racing Tour useful infos   #GoAlinghiGo #D35Trophy #gc32racingtour #gc32 Credit for photos © Loris von Siebenthal & Lloyd Images

16th D35 Trophy - Useful information

16 April, 2019

What: 16th and final championship for the one-design Décision 35 (D35) multihulls before the launch of the TF35 Championship in 2020. The 2019 D35 Trophy 2019 is comprised of seven events, including five Grand Prix and two Lake Leman (Lake Geneva...) classics: the Genève-Rolle-Genève and the Bol d'Or Mirabaud). For more information, click here. Who: Seven teams composed of between five and seven sailors(there is a team weight limit of 480kg, except for the Genève-Rolle-Genève and the Bol d'Or Mirabaud). Holder of the title, Alinghi is aiming for an eighth trophy to add to its collection. Where: Lake Geneva (Lac Léman), Switzerland When: From May to September (find the calendar here) How: For the Grand Prix, the team compete in successive races that each last about half an hour and which are sailed around a course marked by buoys. For the two Lémanique classics, the teams sail a route along the lake's shore, rounding a buoy at – in the respective races – Rolle and Le Bouveret, before heading back to Geneva for the finish. Follow the action You can keep-up with the racing, with up to six races per day in the Grand Prix by: Twitter @alinghi > The results of each race as well as assorted photos and video clips Facebook @teamalinghi and Instagram @alinghi > Interviews, videos and photos The team's website > News and a selection of photos D35 Team Ernesto Bertarelli (SUI) - Helmsman and Skipper Arnaud Psarofaghis (SUI) - Mainsail trimmer Nicolas Charbonnier (FRA) - Tactician Bryan Mettraux (SUI) - Frontsail trimmer Coraline Jonet (FRA) - Grinder Yves Detrey (SUI) - Bowman Nils Frei (SUI) - Coach and spare sailor Technical Team João Cabeçadas (POR) David Nikles (SUI) Claudy Dewarrat (SUI) Team Director Pierre-Yves Jorand (SUI) To find out more Hashtags for the event #GoAlinghiGo // #D35Trophy Credit for photos © Loris von Siebenthal